Do you want your kids to be healthy? To understand the fundamentals of exercise and nutrition? To be prepared to live well as an adult?

Does your kid just need to move? To get out of the house? To engage in real life? To be a part of something?

The deck is stacked against us as parents. Most high schools and middle schools no longer offer regular Physical Education classes. And when your kid does have their year/semester of PE, very little is taught about real fitness – the practical fundamentals of exercise, nutrition, and emotional well-being. Throw in unwinnable battles over screen time and a year and a half of forced isolation and we rightly feel genuine concern about the health and state of mind of our kids. Let’s do something about it.

What is PHYS ED?

Our PHYS ED program provides a proper foundation for lifelong health and fitness for our kids. It provides the exposure, knowledge, and actual experience that sticks with them as they grow into adults.

PHYS ED meets three times each week for five weeks. Each session is comprised of 40 minutes of instructor-led training/workout and 15 minutes of teaching the fundamentals of nutrition and emotional health.

By the end of the PHYS ED program, participants will: understand and perform foundational movements (squat, push, pull, run, etc); understand and apply fundamentals of nutrition (macro/micronutrients, energy balance, etc); know major anatomy components (muscles, joints, organs, etc); have explored key elements of emotional well-being (personal responsibility, stress management, etc).

Who is PHYS ED for?

Young women and young men aged 13 to 17. Appropriate for any fitness level. Whether your kid has never exercised before or is very active but never had real training, this program will benefit them.

When is PHYS ED?

Our next program will run Spring 2022.

Where is PHYS ED?

OPEN GYM FITNESS at 10010 W. Cheyenne Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89129. Lone Mountain shopping center at Cheyenne and Hualapai. In between Summerlin and Centennial.

How much does PHYS ED cost?

It is $200 for the 5-week program (15 sessions total).

How do I register for PHYS ED?

Fill out the form below and we will call you to set up payment and complete the registration.

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