COVID-19 Protocol

As a private neighborhood gym, we are better equipped to provide a safe place to workout than the typical big box chain gym. Open Gym Fitness was designed to provide significantly more ‘open’ space and versatility making social distancing easier. And less crowds – always a benefit of being a member at OGF – becomes even more valuable in the current environment. With the exception of select peak times, it is generally very easy to maintain physical distance while working out. Here are some of the things we’re doing and requiring our members to do to manage and mitigate the transmission risks of COVID-19.

  • Social distance. Please keep 3 feet between you and other people.
  • 80% Capacity. Occupancy will be limited to 80% of fire code capacity. This will not limit your access and reservations are not required.
  • Deep cleaning. Facility and equipment was thoroughly cleaned and disinfected prior to reopening. Periodic deep cleaning will be ongoing.
  • Consistent sanitization. Please clean and sanitize all equipment before and after each individual use using the spray bottles throughout the gym.
  • Gloves. We will make disposable gloves available to members during the initial reopening of the gym.
  • Face coverings. Use of face coverings is currently required when doing vigorous exercise in accordance with the governor’s guidelines.
  • Wash your hands. Cover your cough. Stay home if you’re sick. These may be the simplest things to do, but also the most effective.

We take pride in the quality of our membership at OGF and trust that everyone will RESPECT EACH OTHER as we navigate this unique environment.

You know what else mitigates the risks of COVID-19??? The good health and strong immune system that we support through working out and eating well. And we can’t wait to help you all get back at it!