24/7 Neighborhood Gym

Thanks for visiting OGF! We are updating our site, but here is some basic info on our gym memberships in the meantime.



No Contracts, No Fees

Annual Prepaid $349/year



Unlimited Trainer-Led Small Group Workouts

Includes 24/7 Gym Access


1-on-1 Private Training, Online Training, Workout Programs, Nutrition Coaching, InBody body comp analysis, MyZone heart rate monitors

OGF is a private 24/7 neighborhood gym. We help people find health and fitness in a laid back, positive environment. We are local with less crowds and less waiting – get in, get your work done, and get out fast. A higher probability of sticking with it at the best value.

Our members have 24/7/365 access, but the gym is only staffed during select hours. Current staffed hours are Monday to Friday 6:30am – 10am and 5pm – 8pm (or by appointment).

Text or call us at 702-907-8907. Or email getfit at opengymfitness dot com for more information.

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