Our Story


We believe that health and fitness matter to individuals and families. Now more than ever. And we believe that the typical fitness options out there are missing something.

A few years ago, my wife and I were in search of something new to get back in shape. We had always been a healthy and active couple. But after starting a family and becoming more immersed in job and career, we realized our old methods of working out and staying fit weren’t working like they used to.

We had always belonged to big box health clubs. Some were nice. (Some not.) But they were all very impersonal and a pain to get to and use. Sometimes being there seemed more about looking cool, checking people out in the mirrors, or sipping lattes than actually getting a workout done.

So we started exploring the different options out there in the fitness world. We found 2 primary alternatives to the big box health club:

  • Specialized Group Fitness. These places were popping up everywhere. Boot camps, CrossFit, ballet barre, boutique circuit-training studios, pole dancing… you name it. Some of these were awesome workouts and provided real results. In part because they were based on more effective training methods (functional fitness, HIIT) and in part because there was more accountability in the group training format.

The problem we had was that they were all solely class-based with restrictive schedules, limited workout formats, and invasive cultures. Oh, and they were all $100-$200/month…

  • Express Gym Chains. We found several of these as well. Snap, Anytime, Edge, 19, Express. These gyms were small, 24/7, close to home, affordable, and very convenient.

The problem we had was that they were very impersonal and crammed with 80’s-style machines that are completely out of touch with everything that is proven to be most effective in fitness today. These gyms just weren’t made to get real fitness results with any efficiency.

And so we created Open Gym Fitness. 

A 24/7 neighborhood gym that is convenient and close to home. That helps keep you accountable with personalized goal tracking and small group training options. And designed and equipped for today’s most effective workout programs to help you get real results fast.

Here’s what we aim to do:

  • Provide a facility that supports effective functional training and offers convenience in access, location, and family-friendliness.
  • Create an open community that increases accountability and encourages action towards personal improvement without being invasive, exclusionary, or judgmental.
  • Empower people to train safely and effectively on their own through ongoing instructional and educational opportunities.
  • Improve the overall health of the immediate zip codes we serve.

Health and fitness matter. At times, it feels harder than ever to get where you want to be. We want to help you get there. Let’s get started!